Albion Alloys Brass Tube

Albion Alloys have been supplying the highest quality brass tube to industry for over 20 years. All tube is cold drawn and seamless and is manufactured to very tight tolerances. We work with many different industries, from traditional tube forming and manipulation manufacturers right through to a variety of high tech industries.

Many customers now trust us to help develop new parts, we are very used to working with drawings and CAD / CAM projects, and of course, full confidentiality is assured.

We work with all the most popular brass tube alloys and can even advise as to which is the best type for any given application, and also give guidance on hardness ( temper ) aspects and plating possibilities.

Order Codes

Common Brass Tube

  • CuZn30
  • CuZn36
  • CuZn37
  • CW505L
  • CW507L
  • CW508L

Leaded Brass Tube

  • CuZn35Pb1
  • CuZn37Pb0.5
  • CuZn38Pb1
  • CW600N
  • CW604N
  • CW607N

Brass Tube Sizes

Outer Diameter: 0.3 mm > 60 mm

Wall Thickness: 0.05 mm > 3.5 mm wall

Inner Diameter: 0.05 > 56 mm

Length: 3 mm to 6 metres


Hardness / Temper
Please specify hardness / temper when making your initial enquiry / placement of order

Lead Time: Typically 4 weeks


Contact us with your requirements and questions